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Pietro M. Dalmasso
Self assessment

This is the first time I have put skis on my feet; I have never been skiing before


I have tried skiing before, I can do the snowplough, but I don't feel like I am in control on the green slopes.

I can ski on the easy green and blue runs, I can control my speed, and I snowplough most of the time.


I can ski on the difficult blue runs, my skis are parallel when I feel confident, but I go into snowplough when the slope is steeper, narrower or icy.


I can ski on the red runs and some easy blacks when the conditions are perfect. I keep my skis parallel, but I struggle in fresh snow or when the ground is frozen, steep and uneven.


I can ski on all the red and some black runs when the conditions are perfect, but I struggle to ski off-piste. I'd like to learn how to ski off-piste


I can handle the black runs and I like skiing off-piste, but I struggle on steep and narrow slopes in difficult snow conditions. I would like to be able to ski off-piste in all weather conditions.


I can ski on the black runs at decent speeds in any conditions. I can ski almost anywhere, including over moguls and off-piste. I would like to tackle new challenges in terms of off-piste skiing, moguls and increased speeds.




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